Rugiada Mediterranea produce con erbe officinali locali e offre opportunità a persone svantaggiate

We produce concentrated and effective organic cosmetics, with raw materials of our own production

Rugiada® Mediterranea is the cosmetic line of Terra Fertile Onlus, a non profit company. 

It produces natural cosmetics that take care of the skin, guaranteeing beauty, health and harmony of the whole organism.

The peculiarity of the products is, in addition to the very high percentage of organic active ingredients, the fact that many of the ingredients are from a short supply chain, some extracted from plants grown, harvested and handcrafted by Terra Fertile.

All Rugiada products are made in the cosmetic workshop, a laboratory created by Terra Fertile Onlus in Vittorio Veneto (TV).

Authentic natural phytocosmetics

Phytocosmetics (for further information go to this blog article) uses plants by extracting active ingredients with cosmetic properties from them. According to our formulation philosophy, cosmetic effectiveness cannot ignore respect for health. Our production method ensures - in addition to compliance with all cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards - the activation of good actions for high sustainability.

Several of our products contain extracts made from organic medicinal plants grown, hand-picked and transformed by Terra Fertile.



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Terra Fertile and its social impact

Terra Fertile acquired the natural cosmetic formulas of Rugiada Mediterranea Srl, a Milan-based company, in 2020.

Business, environmental impact and social design

The meeting of the excellent original formulations with the social design of the cooperative (non-profit company) has led to the birth of a reality that combines business, environmental sustainability and social innovation.

Terra Fertile, with the Officina Cosmetica project, has achieved a double goal:

  • It involved disadvantaged and disabled people in a business project.
  • It has created a supply chain for its own organic medicinal herbs

Awarded by the Chamber of Commerce

Rugiada® Mediterranea has received an important recognition from the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce.

The Terra Fertile project was awarded for Social Innovation.

Self-care as well-being and beauty

From the perspective of Rugiada and Terra Fertile, beauty care is no longer exclusively a self-care activity: it instead opens up to nourishing the well-being of an entire community. Cosmetic production based on these values, but also the choice to use them, activates real local development with a high social impact. Rugiada Mediterranea has thus combined the effectiveness of the formulas with the values of solidarity.

Using Rugiada cosmetics, you’ll become too part of a history end of a project and of a rare, powerful beauty.

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A project with a high environmental impact

Rugiada®Mediterranea seeks solutions to minimize the environmental impact at every stage of production.

Cosmetic raw materials

Rugiada formulations exclude the use of synthetic oils, petrolatum and silicones. They also comply with the main eco-bio regulations

We chose raw materials of organic origin when available on the market. If possible, we use ingredients of our own production.

The use of local organic raw materials promotes biodiversity, enhances natural wealth and gives impetus to the development of the territory.

The choice of packaging

We use balanced packaging in order to guarantee perfect preservation of the product without waste. We use recyclable materials.

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Our showcase: Bottega Terra Fertile

The shop BOTTEGA TERRA FERTILE in Vittorio Veneto is the place to see the entire assortment of the Rugiada Mediterranea line. It is in Vittorio Veneto (TV) right next to the production laboratory.

Come and visit us : you will also be able to purchase organic vegetables produced by Terra Fertile, wine from resistant "Nerolito" vines, loose medicinal herbs, many other zero-mile products and some local excellence. We carefully select suppliers to offer our customers healthy and tasty products.

By supporting local producers, Terra Fertile intends to support the local economy.

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