We join business with social activity.
We work with respect for health, for the environment and for the dignity of people.

The mission of Terra Fertile project is to create excellent skincare products, respecting health and the environment, carrying out activities with a high social impact.

Our commitment

The cooperative's projects always actively involve disadvantaged people. Rugiada Mediterranea of Terra Fertile was created with two goals: to develop a supply chain for organic medicinal herbs of its own production and to actively involve disadvantaged people in a concrete project that carries benefits to their territory and community.

Rugiada® Mediterranea is the Phitocosmetic line of Terra Fertile.

Terra Fertile is a social cooperative (non-profit company) founded in 1995 to offer services for disabled people. For over ten years it has been cultivating organic vegetables, cereals and medicinal herbs and is producing healthy food. In this way it actively promotes environmental protection and health and well-being of people.

In 2020 it acquired the Rugiada Mediterranea cosmetic line to give life to an innovative project, where beauty care is no longer an end in itself, but becomes a source of well-being for the entire community.

Terra Fertile's activities always actively involve disadvantaged people.

Rugiada® Mediterranea is a project with a strong social and environmental impact: it develops a supply chain of higher value for home-grown medicinal herbs and creates educational, training and working opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged people.


We not only guarantee workers' rights but we actively work for inclusion of vulnerable people.


We designed the packaging so to involve disadvantaged people in the packaging process. When choosing materials we try to minimize the generation of waste and the consumption of resources.

Put harmony into circulation!